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  • Certified Ophthalmologist, Surgeon

Specialising in plastic and reconstructive eye operations:

  • stye removal,
  • eye conjunctive cavity reconstruction,
  • pterygium operation,
  • eyelid nip and tuck correction,
  • new eyelid skin growth excision,
  • trichiasis treatment,
  • levator advancement,
  • eyelid aesthetic plastic operation.
  • University of Latvia Faculty of Medical Care.
  • French oculoplastic and blepharoplastic surgery course.
  • Plastic and reconstructive surgery – ophthalmology, course in Saint Petersburg and at the Fyodorov Eye Centre in Moscow.
Additional information
  • Regularly augments his professional knowledge by participating in international ophthalmologists’ congresses in Europe and Russia, as well as in conferences organised by the Latvian Association of Ophthalmologists.